Streaming Now: Irondale Ensemble with Ralph Fiennes, Rufus Wainwright, Lea DeLaria

Streaming On YouTube. From 12-8PM today, Irondale Ensemble Project is airing a live Shakespeare Marathon. The company made the announcement this past month that a 7 and a half hour virtual event was being arranged. Actors of all ages can benefit in their craft and pick up some acting tips while they’re at it.

How to Watch

The Irondale Ensemble. Streaming live on YouTube. All are welcome to watch this new project by the Irondale Ensemble Project, as actors the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Cady Huffman, Lea DeLaria, John Ventimiglia, Kenyon Phillips, and James Whiteside. Over 100 people are joining these celebrated artists. Its truly a small world. Even my undergrad director of ‘Measure for Measure’ Nancee Moes, has joined the celebrated cast. A member of both The Alan Alda Center for Communication Science and The Asylum Theater Company, Nancee is a veteran director and avid teacher of The Bard’s works. I am excited to watch and support her, as well as many of these artists, in their performances.

Streaming: Watch Now On YouTube

Shakespeare is relevant today

The Performance. According to, the Executive Director of Irondale, Terry Greiss was quoted saying

“We are all stressed by what we are living through and it may calm a few nerves, my own included, to hear the ‘eternal lines’ read by pros and non-pros alike…”

I could not agree more. Being cooped up in a house and trying to find ways to stay physically active during Covid-19 pandemic, I am excited to watch this event, as it has already gotten off to a great start. 456 total minutes of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet’s all in one ensemble performance. What day could be better? After all, today is April 23rd, what is widely believed to be Shakespeare’s birthday.

“My own favorite sonnet has a couplet that keeps running through my mind: So long as men can breathe and eyes can see/So long live this and this gives life to thee. We will all get through this and when we do, art, music, dance and theater will be there for us to help future generations understand and make sense of what we are living through today.”

Celebrate. What better way to celebrate the work of Shakespeare, than to showcase his 154 celebrated 14-line sonnets. A great project for theater community to learn from and enjoy, particularly in a time of so much angst. Thank you Irondale Ensemble Project and all the participants! And thank you William Shakespeare! I imagine this work can only benefit actors on stage, behind the camera and give them some audition tips to draw from.

The Shakespeare Sonnet Marathon will be streaming Thursday, April 23, from 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., EST over the Zoom platform.

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