Acting Classes: Talent Agents, Auditions, Acting Tips and Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, meetings with talent agents, auditions and acting classes are all happening online.

Advice to Actors

Acting tips. Recently I published an article for Google News about acting tips that all actors can consider when auditioning. The industry is completely virtual, therefore, actors need to do their best to adjust to the challenge at hand. So now that our industry is changing due to complications of Covid-19, I found myself asking the same question…

How can actors audition right now?

Auditions. It turns out, actors can audition as most casting calls are happening via websites like or In addition to acting classes, the best thing actors can do right now is to adapt to the current layout of the industry. Everything is online. Therefore, the best investment an actor can make right now is to purchase proper lighting equipment for self-tapes as well as a quality microphone to record voiceover auditions. But another question remains: “How can actors show their work to agents, managers and casting directors in order to audition in the first place?”

Meet Agents, Casting Directors and Managers

Acting Classes. Actors are looking for ways to get in front of the industry right now. Usually, I post content to help actors navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry. Last week, I had posted a blog for Google News, Audition Tips: How to audition (for Actors). It caught the attention of ActingMasterClassesNYC’s founder, actor and audition coach, Anthony Aibel.

After seeing my blog posts, his team contacted me through social media. Aibel informed me of the work his company, ActingMasterclassesNYC, is doing. He says he wants to help actors stay connected with industry representatives, despite social distancing. After speaking over the phone, Aibel quickly revealed he has been coaching for years, successfully introducing actors to talent agents, managers and casting directors in the process. He coaches actors who regularly book work for various TV networks, including CBS, NBC, Amazon, Netflix, Fox, and many others.

Aibel wanted to share the message of ActorsMasterClassesNYC, and what his company can do for actors right now. Here is what he had to say:

Acting Classes

During the upcoming weeks, Anthony Aibel is offering on-camera and agent prep classes at discounted prices. However, you can also audit the class on Zoom at 1PM EST tomorrow, Tuesday April 28th. To audit or participate, contact Myla Marino at (646) 246-9735.

Tomorrow, April 28th: Commercial Master Class with DDO Artists Head of On-Camera Department and commercial agent of the year, Gina Manfredi.

Thursday, April 30th: Masterclass with legit agent Diana Doussant of Leading Artists Agency!

Next month- May 13th: Kid/Teen master class with Bonnie Shumofsky with Stewart Talent!

On May 11th: Masterclass with Jackie Gubow with Professional Artists

May 22nd: Masterclass with Mikey Nagy with The Krasny Office


To contact Anthony Aibel, visit his website or call his office: Myla Marino (646) 246-9735. Currently they are offering discounts and willing to accommodate actors who are in need.

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