A Shakespeare Lovers Dream: Free Performances at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Shakespeare’s Globe needs your help! Even though their doors are temporarily closed, Shakespeare’s Globe is showing free performances on YouTube. You can now watch Romeo and Juliet, starring Ellie Kendrick and Tomiwa Edun, for free! Enjoy the show and please donate what you can!

Support Shakespeare’s Globe 

On the Shakespeare Globe’s website, it reads:

In an unprecedented time for theatre, as a charity that receives no annual government subsidy, we need your help more than ever before. To fund the work we do, we are entirely reliant on the tickets you buy and the generosity of supporters. We ask at this time of huge risk to our beloved theatre that you donate if you can, helping us continue to strive in the future. There remains much to be done at the Globe, both to complete existing projects and to create new programmes which will enable a greater number of people to enjoy the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Your support is critical for the future of Shakespeare’s Globe. If you make a donation now, we can continue to work towards our cause, and our mission of making Shakespeare accessible for all.

Support. If you’d like to support Shakespeare’s Globe, you can donate on their website’s donation page.

The production. One of William Shakespeare’s most beloved tragedies. Directed by the wonderful Dominic Dromgoole. This particular performance of Romeo and Juliet proves why Shakespeare is still relevant today. 

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