Actors and Covid-19: How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Quarantine

How to stay active

Your body is your instrument. Although I usually write content geared toward actors (audition tips, acting tips, MFA auditions, info on MFA programs, etc.) this information can be applied to anyone looking for ideas to remain physically active while in quarantine. On this day last year, thousands of aspiring actors were working out their bodies all across the United States. Whether it be in a gym, outdoors or in movement classes, actors had a reliable fitness routine. Now that Covid-19 has caused a worldwide Pandemic, the landscape for our industry has changed until further notice.

The Pandemic of Covid-19 has restricted access to gyms. Now actors have to workout from home. Exercise or movement classes necessary to develop their instruments are now online. I have experienced this firsthand, having to finish my MFA degree online. My movement teacher is doing amazing work, and honestly, the transition has been as great as I could have imagined. However, I have to admit that self-quarantining takes a toll on my motivation. Staying physically active when I do not have movement class is becoming increasingly difficult.

So, I did some research. What are some ways we can all stay physically active during this Covid-19 pandemic? I made a list of some ideas that I have gathered over the past few weeks in isolation. They have worked for me. I hope that they can only help anyone who needs it to get through this difficult time.

Stay Motivated

Accountability. No matter what, you must remain accountable. The actor who does will be most prepared when the Covid-19 Pandemic is all over. A few suggestions to increase self-accountability and to remain motivated for your physical fitness are:

  1. Get an accountability partner. Find a trusted friend. Someone who is also looking to maintain their physical fitness. Plan and share your weekly goals with this person. Check in with each other daily.
  2. Keep a fitness journal. This goes hand-in-hand with having an accountability partner, but its also worthwhile to keep a journal for yourself! Why? Sometimes motivation can only get us so far. 2 or 3 days go by and we lose sight of our goals and call it quits. A journal makes it so that you don’t lose sight of your goals. Why? Because you wrote out your plan
  3. Set realistic, personal goals. Set goals that you can achieve. Goals that you can feasibly complete. All that matters is that you are getting active and doing something to maintain a healthy routine while in quarantine.  Running up the stairs 10 times and doing 25 push-ups is great! Put a checkmark in your journal. Shower. Rinse. Repeat. Stay focused. Feel awesome.
  4. Challenge yourself. Every time you achieve a goal, set another one to rival it. So, if you successfully completed 25 push-ups and sit-ups on a Monday, on Tuesday, try exercising while saying a monologue! A few minutes of focus and dedication adds up. Your work will show in a few months when Covid-19 is over and you are auditioning again.

Home Workout Ideas

Home Workouts. Here are some resources I found that can help give you ideas for any workouts you can do at home! Both were especially made to help anyone that is looking to stay physically active while self-quarantining during Covid-19.

  • Jeff Cavalier

I love Jeff Cavalier’s workout routines.  Jeff Cavalier also teaches you how to get the most out of your body while at home! It requires zero equipment and applicable to people of any fitness level! Awesome.

  • Katrina Kaif  (Bharat) shares her at home workout! Want an actor’s approach to staying physically fit? Who better than a headliner of Bollywood’s biggest films!

  • Henry Cavill And if you do have weights at home, checkout this workout video!

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